VT40 Warranty

1.With the defect of product quality to be caused since the date of purchasing the VT40,one year free

warranty will be provided .(Basis on the warranty card information)

2.Main functions of VT40 to be broken within 7days,cannot work normally,can be replaced with a new
one (please keep the product packaging complete) ,free lifetime technical support services is available.

3.Please safekeeping the warranty card, it will no longer reissue; please show us the warranty card and
the invoice with requested repair.

4.Exceeding the warranty period, our company will charge the maintenance fee according to the related
regulations, replacement of parts will be charged at the cost price.

5.The following situation is out of warranty:
1)The damage caused by irresistible natural disasters (earthquake / fire / flood / lightning,etc.)
2)Users’ improper operation or improper storage(including:circuit and components to be burned with
exceeding the voltages; charging port and needles to be broken,or the obvious physical differences to
original item ; water, oil and other liquid into products lead to damage; oxidation or corrosion.ect.)
3)Transport damage;disassemble without company’s agreement.
4)Can pass the normal test.
5)Unable to provide our company’s warranty receipt and product warranty card;Valid certificate and repaired
proof that can’t conform or revise.

6.The final explanation rights of warranty card belongs to HCIGAR company.

When products need maintenance, please provide complete Warranty Card information:
User Name:
Detailed Address:
Contact Information:
Product Name:
Product Serial Number:
Purchased Date:
Distributor stamp:

Please feel free to contact us at anytime, we are happy to answer everything about HCigar
products! And you can get support or arrangement for repairing by e-mail.

To contact support service center :