l T80 is a box mod which designed ergonomics by Towis Team

l Its small size and delicate appearance make it have a more comfortable hand feeling.

l It equipped with elaborate Towis XT80 chip and high-definition color screen.

l Superior and safe output performance and simple operation gives you a brand new health experience of electronic cigarette .

l Products Size: Length 43mm x wide 28.5mm x High88mm

l Appearance material and process: Zinc alloy electroplating

l Body Weight138g.

l Battery type and charging modeReplaceable single 18650, with micro USB charging port, 5V input.

l Out put Power: 5.0 - 80w

l Limited Atomizer Resistance: 0.05 - 3.0 ohm

Function description:

1. Provide power and temperature control, intelligent temperature control. Power mode w:5-80w resistance range: 0.05 Euro-3.0.

2. Exquisite 510 stainless steel threaded interface and wide edge for large capacity atomizer

3. Function Protection:

Battery Reverse Polarity Protection; Battery Low Voltage Protection; Battery Overcharge Protection; Battery Voltage Discharge Protection; Battery Current Discharge Protection; Output Shorted Protection; Output Time Protection(10s); Output Temperature Protection; Temperature Control Protection and etc.

4.Auto Power Off Function:

With the power off mode, you can press any button to wake.No operation will automatically power off within one hour(the hardware turns off the drive voltage to reduce the battery capacity loss while reducing the component life loss after power off).

T-80 (display character "T-80") is the use of DC digital switching power supply control of the vape mod, 0.96-inch TFT display, can be synchronized display the power of the battery, output power, atomizer internal resistance, atomizer temperature. Power up and down switch can be increased per 1W of watts, it has quick addition, fast reduction to adjust the watts, long press up or down button decimal point after the number 0-9 one cycles and then to 0 after entering, after entering is single-digit increase or decrease. Support synchronous voltage rise and synchronous voltage reduction function. Support for input-side reverse protection, synchronous voltage rise and synchronous voltage reduction function. The reverse protection MOS internal resistance is about 1.5MΩ. (Software protection and hardware protection)