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Don't panic. E-cigarettes are not as terrible as you think. Clicks:47609Date: 2019-06-02 10:07:00

In the past few days, the electronic cigarette industry has been a bit uneasy. The little friends who attended the 315 party must have known that the electronic cigarette was named.

CCTV 315 evening party on whether electronic cigarettes are really healthy played a big question? And put forward the following main 'charges'.

1. Unhealthy businesses sell nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes to teenagers, increasing their chances of becoming smokers;

2. Some electronic cigarette products do not clearly identify nicotine concentration and warning signs;

3. Formaldehyde will be produced during the use of electronic cigarettes, which will endanger human health.

It has to be admitted that 315 reports on electronic cigarettes undoubtedly set off a huge wave both inside and outside the industry, which is an early warning for electronic cigarette enterprises and users.

However, for the industry as well as Hcigar, this is a spur, is a driving force for self-improvement.

First of all, any emerging industry will inevitably be questioned by the market in the early stage of development.

Secondly, it is precisely because of the increasing number of electronic cigarette users and the gradual formation of scale that the market began to focus on the safety and normative issues of the industry.

As one of the industry's participants, Hcigar thinks it's not terrible to be questioned.

Only when the brand with real strength and correct value orientation is constantly revised in the questioning, can it be able to stand out in the competition and become a strong player in the industry, and can it promote the industry to become more standardized and mature.

But for this incident, Hcigar has not been concerned about and supported our fans a reassuring Pill -'Is the daily use of Heisger electronic cigarettes a kind of redemption or another abyss? '

Since Yangma has proposed three 'charges' of electronic cigarette, we will analyze each of these three 'charges'. Whether love is harmful or not, you will know when you see it.

Statement: The following text contents and case descriptions are supported by real experimental data of third-party testing institutions to prevent fraud.

Knowledge Points:

Atomization fluid (tobacco oil) contains propylene glycol (PG), glycerol (vegetable glycerin VG), nicotine (nicotine NIC), and food flavors.


Less content, safer than real smoke

Nicotine, commonly known as nicotine, is an addictive substance (non-harmful substance).

Nicotine can be combined with nicotine acetylcholine receptor to increase the amount of neurotransmitter, so as to increase dopamine in the brain, giving people a sense of self-confidence, relaxation and so on.

The main purpose of adding nicotine into electronic fume is to help smokers alleviate their addiction and reduce their dependence on and use of cigarettes.

As the main component of the atomized liquid, Hcigar never obscures the nicotine content.

Taking AKSO2.0 as an example, the outer package of the ammunition clearly identifies that the 1.5ML atomizing liquid contains 5% nicotine salt.

Advanced nicotine salt technology can make nicotine metabolized and discharged faster in adults.

It can also give users as much experience as real smoke with less nicotine.

Don't panic. E-cigarettes are not as terrible as you think. 

Is the ratio of 5% nicotine salt within a reasonable range?

In this regard, HCigar Laboratory continues to take the AKSO2.0 smoke bomb as an example to measure:

The density of fume is 1.13kg/m_

Therefore, the weight of fume in a 1.5ML cigarette bomb is about 1.7g.

The actual nicotine content of a single cigarette bomb was measured at 84mg.

An average unlighted cigarette contains 10.2 mg of nicotine

A pack of regular cigarettes contains 204 mg of nicotine (20 X 10.2 mg)

Some brands have much higher nicotine content.

Don't panic. E-cigarettes are not as terrible as you think. 

In terms of seven cigarettes per cigarette, smokers inhale 1.46 mg of nicotine per mouthful.

AKSO can smoke about 450 cigarette bombs

The equivalent nicotine content per mouthful is about 0.187 mg.

As a result, AKSO users consume less than a pack of traditional cigarettes a day on average.

Formaldehyde (HCHO)

Heating at Constant Temperature to Avoid Formaldehyde Infringement

Many people talk about formaldehyde color change, but the electronic smoke atomizer itself does not contain formaldehyde. Only when propylene glycol (PG) and glycerol (VG) in the atomizer are heated at high temperature and atomized to more than 400 degrees, it is possible to gradually decompose into other small molecular substances such as formaldehyde.

It is worth mentioning that, as the mainstream of domestic cigarettes, little need to be heated at such a high temperature.

Hcigar AKSO series smoke adopts low temperature and constant temperature ceramic atomization technology, which strictly controls the atomization temperature at 240 degrees. It not only ensures the full atomization of fume, but also protects propylene glycol and glycerol from pyrolysis at high temperature, and turns them into formaldehyde to damage human body.

Don't panic. E-cigarettes are not as terrible as you think. 

▵Pictured here is the Heisger AKSO suit.

The controversy of the 315 party case is that formaldehyde testing has some limitations.

In a relatively sealed environment, the use of APV is commonly known as the smoke box for testing, full load efficiency under the continuous use of 100 mouths, there must be the possibility of paste core, do not rule out this test contains the possible ingredients.

However, PG and VG belong to food-grade raw materials, and there is no harm.

Don't panic. E-cigarettes are not as terrible as you think. 

Don't panic. E-cigarettes are not as terrible as you think. 

Food flavor

Multiple tastes, just as safe

Food flavors are also widely used in various foods. The use of atomizing liquid essence is to give different taste to the users of electronic cigarettes, while avoiding the residual smell of tobacco on users and making them uncomfortable.

Every atomizing liquid produced by Hai Shi Ge will examine the atomizing liquid and analyze the safety of ingredients including flavors.

The contents of arsenic and heavy metals in various flavour smoke bombs were in line with national safety standards.

Don't panic. E-cigarettes are not as terrible as you think. 

▵The picture shows the inspection results of electronic nebulizer of Hcigar menthol

Guarding the Future

Do not sell electronic cigarettes to minors

Teenagers are more sensitive to nerves because they are not fully developed. Nicotine can change the formation of synapses in teenagers, resulting in decreased attention and self-control, making teenagers more addicted than adults and thus joining the smoker army.

In document No. 26 issued in August 2018, the State Tobacco Corporation explicitly prohibited the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. Hcigar has always followed the policy of 'prohibiting the sale of products to minors under the age of 18' on product packaging. 

Teenagers are the future of our motherland. It is our duty to protect their safe and worry-free growth together. To this end, Hcigar officially launched 'Sunflower Action' to escort the growth of minors.

Don't panic. E-cigarettes are not as terrible as you think. 

Sunflower Action is an attempt to promote the healthy growth of minors. Hcigar advocates the whole industry and society to protect the healthy growth of minors in more areas.

For further details, please pay attention to the second push 'Sunflower Action' by Hcigar.

Although most of the data show that smoking electronic cigarettes is far less harmful than traditional cigarettes, we still hope that you can 'smoke less' and 'not smoke', and never use electronic cigarettes as a fashionable electronic product.


The mission of electronic cigarette is to help smokers reduce the harm of tar and carbon monoxide in traditional cigarettes to human body and make themselves and others live a healthier life as a substitute product with less harmful substances.

Just as Heisgger has always had a vision of improving people's health index with the power of science and technology.

In view of this, every technical iteration ofHcigar electronic cigarette and the optimization of smoke composition all point to this goal.

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