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Novice into the pit, these common problems of electronic cigarettes to understand Clicks:9150Date: 2019-06-02 10:09:00

Cigarette smokers suffer from 'cigarette syndrome' to varying degrees. Every morning I get up, cough, nausea, nausea, nausea, phlegm stuck in my throat... It's a feeling of health out of control, depressing and powerless.

We may not remember how we smoked our first cigarette, but we know it's time to quit smoking.

An elder brother who successfully entered the pit from a traditional cigarette said that after smoking for a week for 10 years, he began to feel very comfortable in the morning, which is a feeling that smoking has never experienced for many years. No phlegm, no strong cough when gargling, no neck pain, no sore mouth, nausea. Since then, the elder brother has steadfastly replaced cigarettes with electronic cigarettes, and made electronic cigarettes to friends and fathers.

Not coincidentally, electronic cigarettes are being named by 315 high-profile when more and more smokers are taking advantage of Amway.

In fact, whether as industry practitioners or users of electronic cigarettes, we all know that electronic cigarettes are not 100% healthy products. The first electronic cigarette is for smokers, and every one after that is the same. As a tobacco substitute product, its mission is to replace cigarettes with atomized liquid containing 95% less harmful substances than cigarettes to solve the problem of smoking addiction, and gradually eliminate the dependence on nicotine by combining other means of smoking cessation, so as to achieve the goal of smoking cessation.

As a substitute for cigarettes, the reference for electronic cigarettes can only be traditional cigarettes, and its harm can only be compared with traditional cigarettes. The tar and carbon monoxide in cigarettes and the more than two thousand harmful substances produced after burning, the electronic cigarette is obviously much safer than the 'probable' formaldehyde in the electronic cigarette. The formaldehyde that makes everyone smell is produced in an extremely extreme heating environment. As long as the normal manufacturers and brands of electronic cigarettes are used normally, there will be no formaldehyde hazard. If you have to discuss the hazards of the normal use of e-cigarettes, then this is no different from eating a slightly battered bread. Because propylene glycol, glycerol, and food flavor in the electronic cigarette liquid are present on any ordinary toast. The only difference is that the electronic aerosolization liquid contains a certain amount of nicotine.

But we are very much in favor of the values proclaimed by CCTV 315. Here, our Hcigar e-cigarette once again stated that we do not recommend non-smokers and minors to buy and use e-cigarettes. In order to create an environment conducive to the growth of minors, we have launched the “Sunflower Action”, which requires all major agents to strictly abide by the “Electronic Tobacco Convention” and never sell electronic cigarettes to minors, never in front of minors. Electronic cigarettes are used openly in public places.

So for traditional smokers, to enter the pit electronic cigarette, you must understand the following issues.

1. How to choose electronic cigarettes?

Before answering this question, you must first be clear about the purpose of your electronic cigarette. Some are used to replace cigarettes, and some are used to play with fancy cigarette rings. Smoke replacement partners can choose the simplest type of smoke without considering the size of the smoke, because it is the first time to use electronic smoke. For example, when a small smoke of Hcigar Axo is plugged and played, and the upper mouth is sucked gently, the air-driven module will sense and start working automatically - heating the atomizing liquid, atomizing the vapor into your lungs, allowing nicotine to start working.

Novice into the pit, these common problems of electronic cigarettes to understand 

2. How long can an electronic cigarette last?

Or take Hcigar AKSO as an example. Electronic cigarette consists of battery rod and smoke bomb. The service life of battery rod is usually 1-2 years. This is because the battery in battery rod will be lost according to the number of times of use. The service life depends on the frequency of users. The cigarette bomb is replaced by a replacement package, which can be replaced by a new one when it is used up. Normally, a 15ML cigarette bomb can smoke 450 mouths. For smokers who are heavily addicted to cigarettes and need to smoke an average pack of cigarettes a day, a cigarette bomb can smoke for about two days. Smoking addiction is not particularly heavy, and the time can be extended.

3. Which is better, one-off smoke bomb or repetitive oil-filled smoke bomb?

Novice recommends disposable smoke bombs. The first is that the smoke bomb is obviously more convenient. Secondly, the fume taste of disposable smoke bombs is matched with the internal atomization core, which is better in terms of taste and reducibility of fume. Moreover, manufacturers generally have a single smoke bomb test kit, trial and error cost is low. Finally, disposable smoke bombs are more hygienic than oil-filled ones because they can reduce the entry of harmful substances without large-scale exposure to the air. In addition to the problems mentioned earlier, the oil-filled smoke bomb also has certain operational difficulties and needs electronic smoke knowledge reserve. The choice of smoke is also a troublesome matter.

Novice into the pit, these common problems of electronic cigarettes to understand 

4. How to inject oil into electronic cigarette?

Although the positions of oil injection holes are different in different products, they are usually bottom, side or top. You need to open the product instructions, find the location of the oil injection hole, pull out the silicone plug, open the oil injection hole, and carefully inject the fume.

5. Can electronic cigarettes really bring a feeling similar to traditional cigarettes?

E-cigarette simulates the feeling of real smoke, just as there is no same leaf in the world, the feeling of smoking E-cigarette is very difficult to be exactly the same as that of smoking real smoke. But electronic cigarette is to solve the problem of smoking addiction, as long as inhaled electronic cigarette can alleviate smokers'smoking addiction, so that people do not light cigarettes, the goal has been achieved. As for taste, it is not necessary to pursue exactly the same taste.

6. How to choose the taste of atomized liquid?

If you're an old smoker and want to quit smoking, try the classic Hcigar AKSO tobacco series. If you want to pursue a new feeling, you can try fruit series, green mint and domineering mung bean ice (coming on the market) are good choices. In a word, taste is decided by personal preferences. A hundred people and a hundred people need to try more.

Novice into the pit, these common problems of electronic cigarettes to understand 

7. Can electronic cigarettes really give up smoking?

This should be the most important concern of every smoker friend. E-cigarette is a substitute product rather than a quit product. It mainly solves the physiological pain caused by smoking addiction and the psychological dependence caused by years of smoking habits in the process of quitting smoking. Mark Twain also joked that quitting smoking was the easiest thing in the world. I quit hundreds of times. Therefore, we hope that smokers'friends will be firm and give up smoking to the end.

I believe that through your efforts, you can definitely give up smoking addiction.

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