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The Unique Technique of Hcigar's AKSO That You Don’t Know Clicks:29794Date: 2020-06-11 10:13:33

The month April means a lot to AKSO, whose very first version was launched in April 2018, before officially entering the market in August. To date, AKSO remains highly popular in the e-cigarette market with over 100,000 shipments per month, despite the flow of new investment and emerging brands.

So, what’s all this about, you might wonder? Today we are telling you all the secrets!

Let’s get started now!

Watch the video below and get to know the manufacturing process of AKSO.

1. Simple Yet Effective Appearance

Guess what? Our R&D team went through over 50 designs before deciding on the final appearance. The detail is what really matters. AKSO is ergonomically designed for the most comfortable hand-feel ever, with its length, width, height, and side radian carefully adjusted. At the perfect 108mm length, with arc-shaped side, frosted fish-mouth-shaped mouthpiece... all for your experience.


The Unique Technique of AKSO That You Don’t Know 

2. Sophisticated Manufacture Processes

Made by aluminum alloy, the device body is lightweight and impact, which you probably have already noticed. But! There are so much more... Get ready for the ride!


 Micro-scale laser integrated molding process.Every line on the surface is distinct enough.


 Automatic high-speed blasting process. Compressed air is used to form a high-speed jet beam, which sprays the material onto the device surface at a high speed, removing the dirt on aluminum alloy. At the same time, it helps improve the adhesion between the device and the coating, the durability of the coating and fatigue resistance of the device. Effectively protected from fingerprints, scratching, slippery and sweating, the device enjoys a service life that is 4-5 times longer than usual. 

The Unique Technique of AKSO That You Don’t Know 


 Active atomic oxidation coating process. By far the most widely used and most effective surface oxidation technology, it significantly enhances the wear resistance and corrosion resistance abilities of the device.

The Unique Technique of AKSO That You Don’t Know 


 Laser engraving process. This is how the AKSO logo is printed. The laser ensures the surface is smooth without any nicks or worn letters.

The Unique Technique of AKSO That You Don’t Know 


3. Innovative Ceramic Coil

Traditional e-cigarettes use cotton wick for heating. The problem is, sometimes if the cartridge is not fully saturated, the heat will warm up the cotton, producing an extremely unpleasant flavor and causing certain health hazards.

In AKSO, a T-shaped ceramic coil is adopted instead of cotton, which helps improve longevity and protect against issues from the source. Millions of micro holes help deliver the liquid smoothly and prevent leaking. The 3V constant output ensures that each drop of liquid is fully vaporized.

Not just a simple coil!



4. Delicate Honeycomb Structure

About the honeycomb structure - size, shape, density... Everything counts. Through the efforts of our R&D team, the micro-holes are evenly arrayed and the porosity is well managed, ensuring smooth airflow and authentic flavor rendering. At the same time, liquid leaking problem is effectively prevented.


The Unique Technique of AKSO That You Don’t Know 



5. Our Ultimate Pursuit

AKSO is the first ever pod developed by Hcigar following multiple mod devices. The background? We wanted to give smokers something simple, something vape newbies can easily adapt to. Just like this. It doesn’t need to be that remarkable vape, just your daily friend, the smoking alternative.

From the tryout beta version, to the official AKSO 1.0, AKSO OS, to the upcoming AKSO+, we have and will never stop our pursuit for better. More and more flavors are also coming, currently recording 14. We strive to grasp the huge technology opportunity and always listen to the market.


The e-cigarette market is growing, and we are growing. We are so, so happy and grateful to have you by our side. 

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